Classes fill on a first come, first served basis and will be capped to keep the classes small and intimate.

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There are no prerequisites to train or certify.   

Birth Arts International was originally founded in 2000 by Demetria Clark.   We have gone from a regional body to one that is working on an international level, offering extensive doula, postpartum doula and childbirth educator trainings.

For detailed information about Birth Arts Certifications, visit our international website at:

1. Childbirth Educator Certification One Day Intensive:   Join us for a full day of preparing to become a Certified Childbirth Educator.  We will cover: The art of teaching, what should you teach? Motivating and handling difficult students, best practice in teaching, choosing care providers, teaching labor and birth, teaching about pain techniques and more! This is step one in becoming a full certified Childbirth Educator with BAI.  We meet on a SATURDAY or a SUNDAY one day only, from 9:30am–5pm.

2. Birth and Postpartum Certification Training Weekends:    *These weekend long trainings are the first step in full certification with BAI.  For more specifics on the process, look here:

When: Birth and Postpartum Trainings run on  Saturday and Sunday, both days all day. We’ll meet and work from 9:30 am until 5 pm.  Class starts SHARPLY at 9:30am as a respect to all of our eager students.

Where: We will meet in the heart of South Philadelphia.  For those traveling from out of state and need hotel accommodations, please google our zip code, 19148,  for closest hotels.

Overview:  Click our BAI doula training overview to see a concise overview of the certification requirements.  We discuss in detail at the onset of the training weekend.  To see what we cover in your weekend training, click our Birth Doula Training Outline.

or click our Postpartum Doula training workshop outline.

Investment:  All Birth Arts training weekends, including the Childbirth Educator one day intensive class,  and your certification with Birth Arts International costs only $450.  If full payment is not possible, A non refundable $75 payment holds your space.   Your full balance is due first thing Saturday morning of your training weekend.   Money orders, cash and  credit cards accepted, no personal checks please.  All sales final, like getting a ticket to the opera, or the movies only better!

Prior BAI students receive a $100 discount off of any weekend training.

Please understand,  that we do not offer scholarships, nor do we allow women to train “for free”  or to work exchange.  We value the work we do, the program we offer, and our well respected teachers.  We are proud of the worth that this work brings.  You will earn the full cost of your training investment back on your first birth or on your first childbirth class series that you teach to your own students.  Not only are you investing in supporting other women, you are investing in your own future as your own successful business owner.


Requirements to train:  NONE!  Both experienced/already certified doulas and those with zero birth experience are welcome.  All women, of all ages, lifestyles, cultures, religions, sexual preference and belief systems are absolutely welcome.  The only requirement to take one of our trainings is an open mind and a desire to learn in the company of fantastic women from all over the east coast.  All certification requirements, readings and book recommendations will be reviewed in detail on the first day of class.  Birth Arts  has no time limits on certification.  You can complete the program however works best for your needs.  We do not charge any additional fees for continued certification, or for time allotted to study, while other organizations may.

Do I have to read anything before class?  Nope!  We’ll go over all reading and certification requirements the Saturday your training begins.

Do I have to bring anything to the weekend classes? Just your questions, your open mind, and your desire to learn.

Will I be certified after the classes?  No.  The weekend is step one.  You will be required to complete writing assignments, attend births (for the birth training), read and review books and research on birth, attend a birth class, and more.  We review all of the specifics on the first day of class.  Remember, the goal isn’t the certification, it is to be knowledgeable and confident to help women in labor.  Becoming a doula takes hard work!

Do I have to certify?  Nope!  Many yoga teachers and massage therapists take the classes to enhance their practices.


What does certification mean or entitle me to?  There a few reputable, well known certifying organizations that certify birth doulas, postpartum doulas, childbirth educators, etc.  Each organization has very different requirements, philosophies, and even fee schedules.  Birth Arts International certifies Birth Arts International students only.  We are happy to discuss what sets us apart, including allowing you more personal freedom with how you you want to practice, our strong commitment to ethics and best practice research in birth, and why we won’t keep charging you “re-certification fees” when other organizations will.  We will cover all these issues in depth, on your first day of class.  Certification proves you have met the standards of the particular organization that you certified with.  Many clients feel that a certified doula has been more rigorously trained.


Can I be a doula full time?  Of course. It is up to you how many or how few clients you prefer to assist each month.  Being a doula allows you to run your own business, call your own shots, and to help women while doing it.

Can I work with young mothers? single mothers? low income mothers?  homebirth mothers? You can work with everyone and anyone.  You decide on your target audience depending on your passion, your politics, your geographical location.   This is your chance to change the world, one mother at a time.

I am *young*old*single*a mom*never had a baby*only had a c-section* can I still be a doula? You bet you can.  Every woman will have the right doula for her, and it may be you.  You will figure out who your ideal client is and find your match.

Sounds perfect for me!  How do I register?  Please email, and you will receive your registration form via email.  You can either snail mail it back with payment,or email it back if you choose to use a credit card for a faster way to secure your space.  Any other questions not covered here?  Call us!  215 906 5384.