The weekend Birth Doula training is a fun, interesting information packed weekend designed to be the cornerstone of your birth work education.  The weekend will provide you with a strong foundation to begin supporting people in labor and birth.

Birth Doula training weekends run Saturday and Sunday, 9:00am–4:30pm.

Topics over the weekend include:

*informed consent, planning and advocacy
*stages of labor and the role of the doula
*writing exercises, birth videos, hands on practice
*comfort measures, labor support techniques, relaxation ideas
*evidence based practice
*American culture and hospital practice:  fact vs fiction
*alternative healing modalities for labor, birth.
*culture vs physiology
*birth work as social justice work
*LGBTQ competency in your practice
*issues of race, class and gender and implications for birth work
*doula self care
*limits and scope of doula practice
*anatomy and physiology
*pain in labor, fear in labor, models of relief
*technology, interventions, hospital procedure
*complications and cesarean surgery
*optimal fetal and maternal positioning for labor
*doula business 101:  getting your practice off the ground