The childbirth educator training is best for people with a basic understanding of birth.  Both birth and postpartum doulas take this one day training to enhance their understanding of childbirth and to be able to have tools and ideas to offer their clients.  Birth educators work in a variety of locations, including yoga studios, chiropractors offices, midwifery centers, and can also teach in pregnant people’s own homes.

All childbirth educator trainings are one day. 

We meet on a SATURDAY from 9:00am–4:30 pm.

Topics covered in this one day, intensive certification training include:

*The Art of Teaching:  what to teach and why

*Are your classes based on evidence? Keeping current

*How to teach and talk about pain in labor

*motivating and handling a challenging student during your classes

*Controversies in birth education:  perspectives

*Teaching labor and birth successfully and clearly

*Ideas, exercises and practice drills for your clients

*Templates and Agendas to get things started

*The business of teaching, when, why, how much to charge?