The Postpartum Doula training is step one in supporting people after the baby arrives.  In a culture that moves at the speed of light, and where many people do not get the time or support they need after birth, a postpartum doula is an anchor for a new family.

Postpartum Doula training weekends run Saturday and Sunday, 9:00am–4:30pm.

The weekend postpartum training topics include:

*roles, scope and limits of the postpartum doula

*infant care basics

*breastfeeding: current research, getting off to a good support, myths and truths

*easing in to postpartum life, the early weeks, the “fourth trimester”

*healing the postpartum body

*the role and creation of ritual in the postpartum period

*standing on the shoulders of our ancestors vs. cultural appropriation–why it matters

*postpartum depression and mood disorders:  signs, symptoms, treatment

*sex, relationships, cultural expectations placed on “motherhood”

*building your business and your practice


*myths and truths: co sleeping, swaddling, attachment

*A day in the life of a postpartum doula–putting it in to practice