What are the requirements to train:  NONE!  Both experienced/already certified doulas and those with zero birth experience are welcome.  All people, of all ages, lifestyles, cultures, religions, sexual preferences and gender identities are absolutely welcome.  The only requirement to take one of our trainings is an open mind and a desire to learn in the company of fantastic people from all over the east coast and maybe even the globe!  Birth Arts  has no time limits on certification.  You can complete the program however works best for your needs.  We do not charge any additional fees for continued certification, or for time allotted to study, while other organizations may.

Do I have to read anything before class?  Nope!  We’ll go over all reading and certification requirements the Saturday your training begins.

Do I have to bring anything to the weekend classes? Just your questions, your open mind, and your desire to learn.

Will I be certified after the classes?  No.  The weekend is step one.  You will be required to complete writing assignments, attend births (for the birth training), read and review books and research on birth, attend a birth class, and more.  We review all of the specifics on the first day of class.  Remember, the goal isn’t the certification, it is to be knowledgeable and confident to help people who are in labor.  Becoming a doula takes hard work!  For those that require or desire documentation of attendance, you will be provided with a certificate after training documenting your attendance.

How long does it take to become certified?  That depends on you.  Some students work through all the requirements in a few months, some take many months, some take a year (or more).  We understand that life has many twists and turns, and will work with you at your pace.  No rush, no pressure or arbitrary time limits. There is no test.

Do I have to certify?  Nope!  Many yoga teachers and massage therapists take the classes to enhance their practices.  Remember, certification varies among organizations and is not legally recognized, nor is it a license, nor is it a board certification, nor is it a degree.

What does certification mean or entitle me to?  There are now many organizations that certify birth doulas, postpartum doulas, childbirth educators, etc.  Each organization has very different requirements, philosophies, and even fee schedules.  Birth Arts International certifies Birth Arts International students only.   We have a strong commitment to ethics and best practice research in birth.  Moreover, Birth Arts won’t charge you  “re-certification fees” when other organizations will.   Some of your clients may feel that a “certified doula” has more knowledge.  Other clients may be more concerned about your training, your life experiences,  who your teachers are, and what you know about best practice and birth.

Can I be a doula full time?  Of course. It is up to you how many or how few clients you prefer to assist each month.  Being a doula allows you to run your own business, call your own shots, and to help people who are pregnant or postpartum while doing it.

Can I work with young mothers? single mothers? low income mothers?  homebirth mothers? people who don’t identify as “mother”?  Of course! You can work with everyone and anyone.  You decide on your target audience depending on your passion, your politics, your geographical location.   This is your chance to change the world, one person or family at a time.

I am *young*old*single*a mom*never had a baby*only had a c-section* *identify as being male* can I still be a doula? You bet you can.  Every person will have the right doula for their process, and it may be you.  You will figure out who your ideal client is and find your match and build your community.

Do you set me with doula clients or have an apprentice program? You are your own doula, which is the beauty of this work.  Birth Arts has students all over the globe who have trained with us in Philly.  Because we are not a “doula corporation” or doula business ourselves, we do not hire you, nor do we have an apprentice model.  We encourage you to connect with other BAI doulas all over after you train, and even better, the wider doula and birth community in your own neighborhood.

What if I have to cancel the training due to an emergency?  Our classes are in high demand. We do not offer refunds. Deposits are absolutely non-refundable. If you are unable to make a training and alert us within 2 weeks of the training, your deposit or full payment can be forwarded on to another training ONE TIME ONLY within one full calendar year.   No shows and no calls are 100% non refundable.

How long do I have to register and join a training?  Please note, classes fill on a first come, first served basis and will be capped to keep the classes small and intimate.  If you want to join, your best bet is to register quickly for the date you like!

Sounds perfect for me!  How do I register?  Please email, and you will receive your registration form via email.  To complete your registration you must return the form with payment.  You are not registered until payment is received. 

Whew! That was a lot of information!  Sure was.  Any other questions not covered here?  Call us!  215 906 5384.