Here is just a sample of what our new doulas say after training with Beth for a BAI weekend:

Dear Beth, Thank you so much for the wonderful weekend of sharing your wisdom and insight of birth arts. I can’t stop thinking about it! I feel invigorated and excited to start this amazing new journey and I thank you for igniting the flame. wildest wishes,  Ashley


Darling beth, Goddess of all things doula!
I am finally beginning to unpack the weekend and the first few steps on the doula journey plus all the fab documents you’ve sent — so much rich, dynamic stuff to think about! thank you!
infinite gratitude for sharing your reservoir of information — gotta love the tradition of oral transmission — your incredible energy + insight and your support as this little doula duckling ventures out into the big world of Birth. seriously, you are one kick ass woman! it was an honor of the highest echelons to learn from you:)
gratitude & blessings,
Allison, Philly


Oh my God, Beth! I cannot even believe how exhausted and energized I am right now. I cannot thank you enough for being a part of this!

Your energy is bold, clean and bright, almost effervescent (classic Aries, you!) I see in you what I want to develop in myself: courage and knowledge with healthy doses each of realism and playfulness. Love follows and is attracted to you because you are so freely giving of your own.

Knowing the number of women whose lives you have touched fills me with hope for a brighter future. You are helping to bring about change that will benefit generations of women.

I know that our daughters will be taught with respect and dignity to do the same for theirs and the tide will turn. I am laying claim to that reality because everything in me feels that change coming. Meeting you has only strengthened that feeling.

Thank you for getting to this part because it means you made it through all of my crazy. Thank you for being generous of spirit. Thank you for being a stepping stone in finding my way to the future I want for myself and women everywhere. And thank you for my certificate. I need to buy a frame now :o)   Love and respect, Trish B, Maryland.


“I did my second doula training with Beth, in my first training I learned what a doula is, with Beth I learned how to be a doula. She gave me skills of how to not only support women, but ways in which I can empower them through their pregnancy, labor and birth and into motherhood.

Beth is an inspiring teacher who puts her heart and soul into everything she does. An invaluable part of the community and movement for all things birth, women, family and social justice. ”
~Jordyn C, Philadelphia, http://thetinyheartbeats.com/


“Beth trained me as a labor doula in fall of 2011. I found her wisdom, insight and knowledge invaluable. I continue to be supported, encouraged, and mentored by her to this day. I would highly recommend her to any one in the birth field, a very knowledgeable midwife.”  -Sandra M, Virginia


Hey Beth, thank you for the inspiring workshop this weekend. You’re a kickass teacher!”                   Kelly S, Philadelphia


Hi Beth,  I just wanted to send u a quick email, late I know, but life got hectic for a minute there…I had such a great time at the training weekend! I learned so much and was totally inspired. I really loved listening and learning from you. The language you use makes the material easy to digest and relate to. I’ve been sharing my knowledge with anyone and everyone! I don’t know exactly where I’m going from here but I’m so grateful for my heightened awareness of the birthing process! Many many thanks!    -Colleen A.


Beth,    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for an amazing weekend! I had a deeply profound experience. Some of it was painful, but most was awakening and incredibly informative. You are an amazing woman I feel privileged to know! Thank you for opening your home and heart to me and helping me begin this new journey. You’re a rock star!   –Kara Brandt, Utah


Beth, you are the best teacher, and this weekend was such a wonderful experience for me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me my training wheels!–  Rachel Vorhauer, MARYLAND


This has been the best experience since the birth of my own children!!!  This was an awesome weekend training with Beth Goldberg.  Her experiences and love of what she does shines through her teaching and we soaked it all in like dry sponges!  I thank her for this opportunity and for opening her home and heart to training others.  I am so looking forward to tomorrow looking through the eyes of all the ladies I met this weekend and taking what I know to my first mom.
—  Voleta Chapman


Hi Beth!!
Just wanted to reach out (through my ‘vagina withdraw’ 🙂 ) and thank you for your time and energy this past weekend. Your class had such a genuine, comfortable, & passionate energy that is already a priceless part of my journey. And I know this past weekend spent in your teaching will mark an important moment in the story of my life.
I was amazed at your brazen honesty that made all of us comfortable – in a room full of introverts and extroverts, novices and birth junkies, you created a safe environment free of judgement and focused on the power of women. You inspired and supported all of us. And from a project manager who runs meetings for a living, I was truly impressed by, and really appreciated, your ability to keep us focused, on point, covering so much material quickly and concisely, and keeping us interested!
Anyway, as I ride the long slow smelly train back to Philly for my morning commute, my mind is bursting with plans and dreams for a new career, a new life, and a new me. Thank you for being a part of my journey, a sign-post on my path. I can’t remember all the yoga/Buddhist terms I learned for those people (mommy brain) but you’re one of them, and I’m so lucky to have found you.
Thanks and best of luck to you – with your kids, with your adorable new marriage, and with your dual careers – on your hardest days just remember all the lives you’ve touched and positive energy you’ve put into this universe….and know it will come back to you tenfold.
Whatever my path becomes, I hope to keep in touch and make you a proud teacher! 🙂

Xoxoxoxo—Michelle Terry